Monday, 9 March 2015



Who is a daughter of Sam ?
= Lucy Diamond Dawson

What has happen to Sam ?
= Sam was abandoned by Lucy's mother, and he had to take care her daughter alone.

If you are one of  Sam's friends, how do you help him to solve his problem ?
= If I Sam's friends, I will try to advice him and help him to communicate with his lawyer for easy to solve his problem and not any misunderstanding with each others.

Who is your favorite character ? Give your reason why do you choose the character. 
= My favorite character is Sam. I choose this character because he is a strongest father. Even he knows that he cannot take care his daughter but he try to obtain custody for his daughter. He loves Lucy very much.

What is the message in this film ? Elaborate. 
= The message in this film is a sacrifice of a father who raised her daughter alone and abandoned by Lucy's mother.  Sam look after his daughter very well and he love Lucy very much. He tries to give his full affection for his daughter and follow all his daughter request although he don't have enough money. Beside, he can't fullfill her necessary enoughly. For example, Lucy don't have her own room for own comfortable.  

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