Monday, 16 February 2015

We should practice a healthy lifestyle

       We should practice a healthy lifestyle . The first , it must taking a healthy foods like healthy eating schedule , take protein foods , take more vegetables and other more. It is because today we know that many people have many bad habits such as take more sugar in their foods or drink , lazy to do exercise, and take mixed foods like seafood and terrestrial food . The second , far from smoking. It is because smoke is not good for health . It can destroy your life with damage innards body like your lung, your heart and so on . The third , it is you must diligence to do exercise if you get time. It can help you to nourish the body and can educate the brain. For example, doing light exercises before doing any work and you can jogging in the morning before going to work. Therefore, we should practice a healthy lifestlye. 

Hari Raya is the most celebrating day among Muslims.

         Hari Raya is the most celebrating day among Muslims.Firstly , is it an important religious holidays celebrated by Muslims. It is because we need to gather with family and tolerance Greetings like visited relatives and neighbors nearby , exchange rates delicacies and so on . Secondly , it is show that we are muslims around the world show the common goal of unity for example, the local muslims usually go to mosques on the first day of Hari Raya to perform their prayers , this shows that the unity of the people is very important such as hold a Feast of Feasts. Thirdly , aidilfiri feast day is said to also as the victory of Muslims after a month of fasting. It is because this illustrates that we have hunger and thirst for a month such as abstinence,keep from doing things that invalidate the fast. Hence, Hari Raya is the most celebrating day among Muslims. 

Monday, 9 February 2015



Haii !! My name is Nurullsyafiqah binti Ramlan . I am 20 years old . I live at Kampung Temenin Baru , Kota Tinggi, Johor. I have 4 sibling . 2 girls and 2 boys . Im the first . Before this , I work at FLAIRIS factory about 2 years . Now, I studies at KPM Bandar Penawar . Im really interested to come here . Its so interesting . My expectation is I want to study smart to be a success people one day. I really hope i can do it . thank you .