Monday, 13 April 2015


     Although my mother is not too thin and not too fat . For me she is beautiful with her physical but she is more suitable to wear a baju kurung . Its is nice if I look my mother is wearing baju kurung. My younger sister is also can wear my mother's baju kurung because her physical is almost same with my mother. Besides,  my mother also have white skin. She is descendants of Javanese from my late grandmother. She is beautiful although without any make up and also like wearing lid sheath to go anywhere.   

    Besides, my mother loves to cook and her dishes are my family's favorite. She has a good skill about cooking. She start learning cook from my late grandmother since she was a 12 years old. For example, the most my family's favorite dishes is "Asam Pedas", "Siakap Tiga Rasa". She always ask what we want to eat even she want to cook her different menu that day. I always tell her I loves her dishes and will miss even one day not take her dishes. Last year, when I was working at Flairis factory, my mother always cooked for me to bring for my supplied when I rest.

     Other than that, she is loving and caring mother that I have. She always pay attention with her children about any things. For example, she take care about my family health because she will be worried if one of us is sick. Then, she always advice my sibling and I if we were fighting each others. She also help us if we have problem and give the solution the solve it. Hence, my mother is everythings for me . I don't want to loss him . I love him very much.  

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